Update your name online
in less than a quarter of the time

Australia’s only digital & automated platform for hassle-free name changing

Updating your name (the old way) takes around 40 hours*.

Hang on, we thought – there has to be a better way. That’s why we built Name Genie.

*Based on our 2020 research. Although we found some needed up to 96 hours. Ouch.

"A huge benefit of Name Genie is having the long list of companies and the information about what documentation and forms each one requires."

Lynda B.

Sunshine Coast, QLD

With A Few Clicks

Name Genie automatically populates forms, generates letters and emails, and can submit your requests directly

​​Save Time, Avoid Frustration

Update your details once, instead of filling in the same details on different forms multiple times

350+ Organisations

Covering Australia and internationally. Name Genie tells you what’s needed – no need to research each time

See how simple it is

​"Seriously, Name Genie is a very much needed service!"


Lucy H.

Sydney, NSW

Calculate Your Savings

How many organisations do you need to update your details with?

On average it is ~30 including banks, education, professional organisations, insurance, superannuation, subscription services, health care, utilities and loyalty organisations. 

What is your annual salary?

We don't store this information, it is simply used to calculate the financial benefits for you personally.

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"Awesome, I wish Name Genie was available when I got married.

The effort in changing names disproportionately disadvantages women not only in effort but financially in the cost of having their documents updated.


Streamlining this process is helping advance equality for women"

Carolina C.

Sydney, NSW

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Explore How Name Genie Works

Step 1:

Gather Your Documents & Setup Your Profile

Before getting started on the platform, you will need to obtain certified copies of certain documents. Once you sign up, you'll have access to a handy guide to explain exactly which documents you need to get certified and information on who can certify your documents.

Once you have your documents, it's time to setup your profile.

  • Enter your existing and new personal details into the platform

  • Upload your certified documents

  • Verify your identify through our integration with Australia Post Digital ID

MyDetails - 1 - Filled.PNG

Step 2:

Select Your Organisations

Next, select the organisations you need to contact about your name change from our list of 350+ organisations.

We have organisations in Communications, Financial Services, Health, Insurance, Loyalty, Mortgages, Professional Bodies, Sports Clubs, Superannuation & Utilities.


Simply tick the organisations relevant to you and click the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

MyOrganisations - Filled.PNG

Step 3:

Submit Your Requests

On the MySubmissions page, you can view the specific process and requirements for each organisation you have selected.

The approach and functionality which we provide falls into the following categories:

  1. Provide Information & Links - For organisations which require you to visit them in person or login to their systems, we will provide you with links and information on what is required.

  2. Automated Email Submissions - For organisations which accept emails, we will send them an email with your details and supporting documentation on your behalf

  3. Automated PDF Forms - For organisations which require their existing PDF forms to be completed, we will populate these on your behalf. If we are able to submit the forms on your behalf along with supporting documentation, we will do so. In some cases additional information is required or the forms need to be submitted via post. In these situations, you can print the pre-populated PDF forms and take the final steps offline.

  4. Automated Letter Creation - Some organisations require a letter to be sent via post. We will generate this letter with your details so all you need to do is print and post it.

MySubmissions - Not Submitted.PNG

Step 4:

Monitor and Manage Your Requests

You can then use your personalised Dashboard to keep track of your submissions.


The Name Genie platform will automatically track when requests were submitted and provide an easy interface to identify which requests still need to be submitted.

Some responses from organisation may be communicated to you offline (e.g. receiving a new membership card in the post). In this situation, you can use your Submissions & Dashboard pages to manually update the status of your requests.


The Name Genie Backstory

About Us

Rhett & Cassie are the founders of Name Genie. We are based in Sydney and have spent over 18 months developing and testing the features and functionality of the platform.

We are supported by a great design, development, testing and support team, based in Australia and around the world, enabling us to bring the best technical skills together for this project.


We're an Australian business based in Sydney, supporting everyday Australians.


Our Story

I took 3 years to get around to changing her name. Every time I thought about the paperwork and admin, I quickly found something more urgent and exciting to do.

Eventually I got around to it and decided to use a service which would help reduce the paperwork and speed things up.

Despite using a "kit" or paper based based service, the process was still confusing, inefficient and frustrating.

It required too much time and just didn't have to be as hard as it was.

I spent days researching what to do, what documents were required and then spent many more hours visiting branches and service centers, filling in the forms, printing, signing, scanning and emailing or posting them to customer service centers all around Australia.


A box of post-it notes disappeared within a week as my way of keeping track of what was complete and what still needed to be done. In the end it took over a month to get it done.

We wanted to help others avoid the same experience so we created Name Genie.

Our Goal


Our Goal

We want to improve the experience for everyday Australian's when they change their name. The existing processes are disjointed and cumbersome, resulting in a frustrating process which thousands of Australians experience every year.

Our research indicates that the current processes cost the Australian economy approximately $120m in lost productivity each year.

With Name Genie, we can improve the experience for everyday Australians, reduce the impact to the economy and with increased automation and digitisation, deliver some environmental benefits as well.

​​Complete Access: Just $150

(Single or monthly payment options. Full refund within 30 days if you’re not happy with the service)

Everything you need to change your name. In one simple online system:

  • A private, secure workspace to save and manage all of your details and supporting documents  

  • Change your name with 350+ Australian and international organisations

  • Automatic completion of PDF forms

  • Submit requests and supporting documents directly 

  • Supporting letters ready to print and post if requested by companies, pre-populated with your details

  • Dashboard for keeping track of every submission status

  • Access to Australia Post Digital ID service for additional authentication and security

​"As well as saving so much time and effort, this digital process also minimises the judgement factor which we experience in a divorce situation which is what I went through when updating my details in person."


Pauline H.

Adelaide, SA

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