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Changing My Name After Getting Married in Australia

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

If you have recently been married in Australia, you may be considering taking on the surname of your partner. While you can use their surname without formally changing your name; it is advised to change it formally to avoid any potential issues in terms of legal documentation in the future. In Australia; however, tens of thousands of people are still under the dilemma as to whether start the process or not; due to the fragmented and lengthy process of changing your details with multiple organisations. Based on our survey, it can take around 40 hours to complete the process. In this article, we will talk about the need of changing your name after marriage in Australia, the reason behind people's reluctance to change their name after marriage, and the solution to tackle the key challenges involved in the process.

Why Change Your Name After Getting Married?

If you were married in Australia and want to change your name, you can use your spouse's family name, or combine family names with your spouse. You do not need to register a formal change of name in these circumstances either. However, formally changing your name after marriage can make it easier to prove your identity.

The Overwhelming Process of Changing Your Name Change after Getting Married

If you decide to change your family name after getting married in Australia, you’ll need to initiate your application at various government agencies, banks, utility companies, superannuation, insurance companies and other many businesses. Moreover, all these organisations usually have different requirements for documents they need as proof for your change of name. These documents include but not limited to:

  • A standard marriage certificate

  • A certified photocopy of your standard marriage certificate

  • Evidence of updated photo ID

  • Various identity documents.

  • Personal documentation, like your driver's license and passport, etc.

The process usually requires you to:

  • Identify all organisations you need to update your details with

  • Contact each of these via call customer service or online/offline ways to understand their process

  • Gather and certify supporting documents

  • Gather and complete forms for each organisation

  • Go back to them in case of confusion or clarification to avoid mistakes and errors or resubmittals

  • Print and sign the documents

  • Post or submit the documents; then wait for a response or confirmation

This makes the process not only lengthy, time-consuming but also stressful. Nobody wants to spend hours searching the internet to find out what to do and what documents are required before following different processes just to change your name. The process must be made easier, faster, and free from such hassles. Name Genie, an Australian-based multi-party research platform, has been developed with this objective in mind.

Name Genie is Here to Ease the Process for you, making it timely & hassle-free!

Name Genie is simplifying the manual process of name change currently prevailing in Australia. It is an Australian-based multi-party research platform, enabling the secure exchange of information between individuals and organisations.

The Australian-based platform enables the secure exchange of information between individuals and organisations. With over 350 organisations, you can find the information on what each organization requires and tools to help complete the required processes at each organization. Name Genie provides users with everything they need to streamline their name change process. Users can submit their details electronically where possible and for organizations that require hardcopy forms the platform will provide the documents and details which they need, all in one portal, with a digital dashboard to help them manage and track the status of each application.

  • Individuals register on the platform and will be required to securely authenticate their identity using a 3rd party identity verification provider

  • Individuals complete their details and provide copies of their supporting documentation, such as marriage or divorce certificates, driver's license, etc.

  • Individuals then select the organisations which they wish to update their details with and the platform will submit the information electronically to each organization where possible or provide all the information the user needs for offline processes (e.g. visits to bank branches)

  • Users can then use the dashboard functionality to track, monitor and manage the process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Name Genie provides a simplified, source of information with tools and technology for you to update your new personal details with hundreds of organisations in Australia in a hassle-free and stress-free manner.

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