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Australia's Only Digital & Automated Name Change Service

Name Genie saves you time and effort when you need to change your name

Name Genie is a digital service which saves Australian's time and reduces the frustration of filling in the same details on different forms multiple times.

We've done the hard work to identify the process required to update your personal details with over 350 Australian organisations.

Name Genie provides you with all the information you need to know in order to update your name and personal details. We populate forms, generate letters and emails for you and provide an easy to use dashboard to track your requests in one single place. No more notebooks, post-its and spreadsheets...

Our research has found that it takes an average of 40 hours of effort to complete the process and it often spills out over weeks and months before it is all complete, if it is completed at all.


Unfortunately many people start updating their details and then stop halfway because it gets too hard and time consuming, resulting in them operating under two different names.

Watch the short video below to see how Name Genie works

Features & Benefits

Name Genie will save you significant time and effort. We are working with Australia's largest organisations to streamline the name change process through a digital platform, providing benefits for  Australian consumers and companies.

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Save Time

Changing your name with multiple organisations is time consuming, repetitive and boring. Name Genie will save you significant amounts of time and take away the mind-numbing process of filling in forms.

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Remove Effort & Stress

Name Genie provides you with a single platform to manage the process, eliminating the need for you to learn when is required, research and contact each organisation and manually keep track of it all.

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Digital Project Management

Name Genie provides you with resources and tools to get this done as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our service includes a leading edge Digital ID verification and a personalised project dashboard.

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Safe and Private

Name Genie takes your privacy seriously. Any documents provided are protected using the highest levels of storage security and enterprise grade security protocols. Name Genie encourages clients to get the job done asap, after which time all of your documents are removed from our servers.

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Identity Verification

With identify theft on the rise globally, we have integrated with Australia's leading digital ID verification service, Digital ID, to further increase our security measures. This authentication service from Australia Post ensures that our clients identities are validated before we process any name requests on your behalf. Trust is critical.

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Digital First

Our ambition is to digitise the entire name change process however, we recognise that some organisations are resistant to change and will take time to shift away from the traditional processes and forms. Until then, we will provide information on what needs to be done with these organisations using their traditional methods.

How it Works


Setup Your Profile

The first step is to setup your Name Genie account, verify your identity and upload any necessary supporting documentation.

This setup process is where we gather details such as your previous/existing name and your new details.


The beauty of Name Genie is that you only provide the information once, rather than having to fill multiple forms, each one slightly different from the last...


Select Your Organisations

The next step is to identify the organisations you have accounts and details with that you need to update. You would be surprised how long this list can be!

To help, the team at Name Genie have gathered a list of the largest organisations in Australia, all you have to do is select the ones applicable to you.

You will then need to enter some additional details for each organisation like your account or customer number so we can provide the organisations with the information which they require to identify you in their systems.


Submit, Manage & Monitor

The next step is to review the name change details and submit the automatic requests.

For organisations which still require a paper based process, Name Genie will provide you with details on each step of the process with links to the required forms and supporting documents and contact details.


Your personalised dashboard can then be used to keep track of the status of the process with each organisation. As you start to receive email and written confirmation of the changes (and your new cards if applicable), you can update and monitor this in the system.

This provides you with a single, digital source of information rather than spreadsheets, notebooks and Post-It notes.

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