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​​Our platform enables clients to:​

Understand the name change process required by 350+ organisations​

Securely upload your supporting documentation required to prove your new name

Automatically fill in existing forms

Submit forms and the required supporting documentation

Keep track of your submissions through a personalised Dashboard

Safe, Secure & Private

We have partnered with a leading digital identify verification service as part of our authentication methods and have numerous processes and technologies in place to protect the information which you provide us.

We use enterprise grade security and are services are hosted by Amazon Web Services, ensuring your data is stored securely.

Streamline Communications

Our platform reduces the number of interactions you need to have and streamlines the communications process.

No more repeated requests and conversations about the same topic and information again and again.

We will populate the forms and create personalised letters to support offline processes and send emails directly to organisations who will accept them with your supporting documents attached.

Digital Project Management

The Digital Project Management Dashboard is the tool you will use to monitor and manage the name change process across all of your organisations.

Logging into the platform will enable you to view your personalised dashboard to track and monitor the status of your update requests.

Love Us and Leave Us

Our membership plans are valid for 6 months.

This is to encourage you to get the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Most users are able to complete the process within 1 month using Name Genie.


This also also ensures we aren't holding your data and documents for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Single Source of Truth

In addition to our digital enabled client organisations with whom we provide a digital details update request on your behalf, we also have information on the process, forms and documentation required by organisations which are not digitally enabled at this stage.

This ensures that our service and digital tools can be applied seamlessly for the organisations which you need to deal with.


If they are digitally enabled and on-board with our service, it is a one click process.


If they are not yet on-board, you can use our platform to understand what is required and manage the process in the same way you will with the digitally enabled organisations.

Extensive List of Organisations

We have invested significant time and effort to gather the latest information on Australian organisations and the information and documentation which they require to process a name change.


All of this is at your fingertips for you to select and start the process, instead of starting with a blank page.

Click here to see the list of companies and organisations on our platform.

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