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Our Story

It took me 3 years of procrastinating before I got around to changing my name. Every time I thought about the paperwork and admin, I quickly found something more urgent and exciting to do.

Eventually I got around to it and decided to use a service which would help reduce the paperwork and speed things up.

Despite getting some help, the process was still confusing, inefficient and frustrating. It was all still paper based, required too much time and just didn't have to be as hard as it was.

My husband watched the process unfold, unable to do much except offer support and some help with the paperwork.


I spent hours researching what to do, what documents were required and then spent many more hours visiting branches and service centers, filling in the forms, printing, signing, scanning and emailing or posting them to customer service centers all around Australia.


A box of post-it notes remained glued to my desk as my way of keeping track of what was complete and what still needed to be done. In the end it took over two months to get it done.

We want to help others avoid the same frustrating experience so we created Name Genie.


About Us & The Team

Rhett & Cassie are the founders of Name Genie. We are based in Sydney and have spent over 18 months developing and testing the features and functionality of the platform.

We are supported by a great design, development, testing and support team, based in Australia and around the world, enabling us to bring the best technical skills together for this project.


We're an Australian business based in Sydney, supporting everyday Australians.

Our Goal

We want to improve the experience for everyday Australian's when they change their name. The existing processes are disjointed and cumbersome, resulting in a frustrating process which thousands of Australians experience every year.

Our research indicates that the current processes cost the Australian economy approximately $120m in lost productivity each year.

With Name Genie, we can improve the experience for everyday Australians, reduce the impact to the economy and with increased automation and digitisation, deliver some environmental benefits as well.

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