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Convenient Name Change Platform

Save weeks worth of effort with Name Genie's easy to use digital platform

Save Time & Avoid Frustration

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Over 350 Organisations To Choose From

How It Works


Name Genie is an all in one platform to simplify your name change process with over 350 organisations to choose from, including banks, education, superannuation, professional organisations, insurance, subscription services, health care, utilities and loyalty programs.




Select from 350+ organisations




Securely enter your details and upload documents




Automatically fill in forms & create letters




Submit electronically




Track progress through your personalised dashboard


Avoid Time Consuming Research


We've done it all for you

Save Time & Money


We provide you with information and digital tools for a more efficient process

Exclusive Access


We provide access to exclusive Name Genie Guides, checklists & templates

Customer Support


We're here to make the process simple and easy

Remove Complexity


We populate complicated forms for you, reducing the need to enter the same information multiple times

Safe & Secure


We partner with digital verification services to validate your identity and protect your information

Why Choose Name Genie


What Our Customers Say About Their Experience


Lucy H.

Lucy H.

"Seriously, Name Genie is a very much needed service!"

Nicole P.

Nicole P.

"I wish Name Genie was around earlier!"

Lynda B.

Lynda B.

"Having a guide makes it so much easier."

Pauline H.

Pauline H.

"This minimises the judgement factor in a divorce situation."

Sam B.

Sam B.

"What a great service!"

Kerstyn W.

Kerstyn W.

"This is genie-us! Pure Genius! Well done!"

Change Your Name With These Companies & More


Safe & Secure

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

One Off Payment




Best Value


3 Month  Plan


$50/month ($150 total)


Remove All Data & Documents on Completion



Our pricing model is simple, transparent and provides full use of all platform features

Save weeks of effort with a system that will do all of the heavy lifting for you.


Our Goal


We want to improve the experience for everyday Australian's when they change their name. The existing processes are disjointed and cumbersome, resulting in a frustrating process which thousands of Australians experience every year.

Our research indicates that the current processes cost the Australian economy approximately $120m in lost productivity each year.

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