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How do I change my name in Australia?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Are you planning to change your name in Australia or have already changed it as a result of a marriage or divorce? If yes, we understand how you would have struggled through the whole process that is fragmented and on average can take around 40 hours of effort from start to finish.

Name Genie is an Australian-based multi-party research platform which provides the information and tools to simplify and streamline the process of updating your name with hundreds of organisations after getting married or divorced.

The article talks about the current process to change your name in Australia, its short-comings, and how Name Genie can help both individuals and organizations in this regard by avoiding difficulties involved in the process.

Update Your Official Identity Documents

In Australia, changing your name legally or officially is not enough; one needs to update all their identity documents as well. The first step is to contact your local government departments to update your name on your official identity documents (Passport, IDs, driver’s license and medicare cards) by providing proof of your marriage certificate or divorce papers. Once this first, critical step is complete, you can begin updating your details with organisations like banks, insurance companies, health providers, telcos, etc.

The Fragmented Process

The process of updating your name across a range of organisations as mentioned above is largely fragmented and time-consuming since each of these organisations has their system in terms of forms, processes, requirements of supporting documents, timelines and visitation requirements.

If you are changing your name this way, you would need to complete the following steps involved in this process:

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Identify all organisations you need to update your details with.

  2. Contact each of these via call customer service or online to understand their process.

  3. Gather and certify supporting documents.

  4. Gather and complete forms for each organization.

  5. Go back to them in case of confusion or clarification to avoid mistakes and errors or resubmittal.

  6. Print and sign the documents.

  7. Post or submit the documents via email or online forms.

Digital is the Solution

According to a recent Name Genie survey, when respondents (who wished to change their name) were asked to rate the efficiency of the name change process with Australian organizations on a scale of 1-5, the average response was 2/5. Also, the respondents rated the experience as 4/10 and termed as “frustrating” and “boring”.

With everything going digital nowadays, respondents believed that an online service, letting them initiate their name change application and requirements online just would be the best solution. According to our survey, 100% of respondents said they would use a digital service if it was available.

The Great News – The Digital Solution is Out Now!

Forget hours spent finding the right forms, filling in your details again and again. Let Name Genie help change your name for you!

What is Name Genie & How Does It Work?

Name Genie is simplifying the manual process of name change currently prevailing in Australia.

The Australian-based platform enables the secure exchange of information between individuals and organisations. With over 350 organisations, you can find the information on what each organization requires and tools to help complete the required processes at each organization. Name Genie provides users with everything they need to streamline their name change process. Users can submit their details electronically where possible and for organizations that require hardcopy forms the platform will provide the documents and details which they need, all in one portal, with a digital dashboard to help them manage and track the status of each application.

  • Register on the platform and will be required to securely authenticate their identity using a 3rd party identity verification provider

  • Complete your details and provide copies of their supporting documentation, such as marriage or divorce certificates, driver's license, etc.

  • Select the organisations which you wish to update their details with and the platform will submit the information electronically to each organization where possible or provide all the information the user needs for offline processes (e.g. visits to bank branches)

  • Use the dashboard functionality to track, monitor and manage the process to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Name Genie provides a simplified, source of information with tools and technology for you to update your new personal details with hundreds of organisations in Australia in a hassle-free and stress-free manner.

Name Genie serves as a win-win situation both for the users and organizations. It empowers the users to manage the process themselves through technology, simplifies the process, and removes ambiguity and complexity. For organisations, it reduces administrative cost, lets employees focus on more value-adding activities, and minimizes data entry errors. Lastly, it reduces paper volumes and waste/recycling costs that make it highly beneficial in terms of economic and environmental concerns.

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